Kunming record during Covid​-​19

我的“疫情时期的声音-昆明”实地录音作品由英国策展人Kate Carr的厂牌火焰松Flaming Pinesbandcamp上正式发行,欢迎收听和购买?

My field recording “Kunming record during Covid​-​19” is now released officially by Flaming Pines on bandcamp, welcome to listen and purchase it;-)

“These recordings are recorded in Kunming city, from early February to early May in 2020. The random sound clips reflect the process of the whole city from silence to vitality, and personal life from public to private space and back again. Life in private space substantially affects the openness of public space, and vice versa, the closure of public life has made private life cramped and boring. The daily life that swings between the two has gradually become a longer “new normal” that everyone has to overcome.

This piece comprises 24 field recordings, each 60 seconds, separated by 3 seconds of silence. This is an equal arrangement, and they are arranged as neatly as the hand sanitizer on the shelf. In these sound clips, private life, media messages, and slowly reviving urban life are intertwined during the period of home quarantine.”

Luo Fei, Kunming, China



Released September 3, 2020
All recordings by Luo Fei
Photography by Luo Fei

a review written by Jennifer Lucy Allan on The Quietus:

At around ten minutes on this collection of one minute long field recordings on Kate Carr’s Flaming Pines label by Chinese artist Luo Fei, is a car horn symphony I could loop and listen to for hours. Read more…

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