English CV

Luo Fei’s Curriculum Vitae中文简历

a curator and artist in Kunming, China

b.1982 in Chongqing city of China.


[Recording] “Kunming record during Covid​-​19” field recording album, released by Flaming Pines, UK, 2020
[Recording] “60 Minute Cities- Kunming” field recording album, released by Bivouac Recording, Shanghai, 2019
[Book] To Start from Art: Essays and Interviews on Chinese Contemporary Art, Published by Shanghai Joint Publishing, 2014

Solo Exhibition:


In Cammino, Meicheng Art Space, Shen Zhen
In Cammino, Mo Art Space, Xinmi

Curatorial Projects (in selection):


Temporary Platform: Live Performance Section of Mengzi Art Festival, Mengzi
The Summer Solstice: Zhang Yongzheng’s Exhibition, IWE Art Museum, Kunming
Constellation: Yunnan Oil Painting Since 1978, CGK, Kunming


History of a Rebellious Child: Tang Zhigang New Works and Documents, CGK, Kunming
Outrageous, like a painting. TCG Nordica, Kunming
Irreducible Reminders: Su Yabi’s Exhibition, Tai Project Gallery, Kunming
Human Driven – an Encounter Between Artistic Expression and Cycling, IWE Art Museum, Kunming
Not Yet Complete – One Volume Edition Project, Tai Project Gallery, Kunming


Invisible Planet – An Art Project on Environment Issue, TCG Nordica, Kunming
Solo a Cappella – Liu Lifen Solo Exhibition, Tai Project, Kunming
Artists Roles/Artists Rules II, an art exchange project between China and Sweden, TCG Nordica, Kunming
Ways of Seeing: Tang Zhigang and Followers, Our Gallery, Hong Kong


On the Stream – The Third Kunming Fine Art Biennale, Yunnan Provincial Art Museum, Kunming
The Hallowed Object – Lei Yan’s Solo Exhibition, ING Space, Beijing
Artists Roles/Artists Rules, an art exchange project between China and Sweden, Gallery Studio44, Stockholm, Sweden
Multiple Samples: Yang Zhongyi’s exhibition, Tai Project Gallery, Kunming


Invited to research Indigenous communities and art through Australian Road Trip, supported by the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs
Multiple Adaptations: from Poem to Poem, from Poem to Visual Art (Chinese-Dutch Art and Poetry Exchange Project), TCG Nordica, Kunming China and SBK KNSM Amsterdam Netherlands


Everyday Poetic Conception: The Memory Zone of Su Yabi, TCG Nordica, Kunming
Music and Image Art Project, TCG Nordica, Kunming
Extraordinary Daily II: Xue Tao Solo Exhibition 2014, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming
Art is easy: Anne Rolfsen and Hilmar Fredriksen’s Exhibition, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming


Made in Spectacle Society: Zi Bai’s exhibition, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming (as academic chair)
Landscape in Contemporary Art, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming
Signs:Chen Fanyuan,Feng Xianbo Contemporary Ink and Calligraphy Art Exhibition, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming
Sacred Fools: Josef Mellergård solo exhibition, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming


“Wu Wei” Zhang Yongzheng Paper-based Improvisational Painting Exhibition, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming
The Cell’s Longing: Jonathan Aumen solo exhibition, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming


“Ba Fon” Lou Nick(Li Yao)’s solo exhibition, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming
Ching Ching Cheng’s solo exhibition: Rootless, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming
“Out of Recognition” Yunnan contemporary photography art exhibition, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming


“On The Other Shoe: Lü Min’s solo exhibition”, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming
“BRIDGES:An art project between Swedish and Chinese artists”, TCG Nordica, Kunming
“Taste And Reality – Art Exhibition”, TCG Nordica, Kunming


“Inscape On The Spot” art exhibition, TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming


Contagious Love 2007:Artistic reflections on the HIV/Aids situation in China
Lei Yan’s solo exhibition,TCG Nordica Gallery,Kunming


Curator for the Yearly Project Jianghu Events
The 4th Jianghu: Super Reversal, ALAB ART SPACE,Kunming
The 9th Jianghu, Curated with Xiang Weixing and He Libin,ALAB ART SPACE,Kunming


The Gifts, TCG Nordica Gallery,Kunming



As Artist in Group exhibitions and projects (in selection):


“Urban Literature in Process”, Heifei Contemporary Art Gallery, Heifei
“2020 Window Archives”, Art Museum of Tsinghua University, Beijing
Interiorities issue 7/8/9, Sound radio rtm.fm based in Britain
101 Fahrenheit, Slipvillan, Stockholm, Sweden


Let There Be Books, Art Gallery of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing
Blurborders – 2019 International Performance Art Exchange, BACC/Bangkok, Pattalung, Thailand


Return Live Art Exhibition, SNARTE Art Space, Nanchang and Lushan
Performance at Kunsthaus Aussersihl, Zurich, Switzerland
Friesenberg Radio Live, Zurich, Switzerland
Intervention: The Cultural Situation and Artistic Expression of International Performance Artists, Nanjing Arts University Art Museum, Nanjing


Polyphony: Ecological Survey of Chinese Art, Nanjing Arts University Art Museum, Nanjing
Artists Roles/Artists Rules II, TCG Nordica, Kunming
A Dudu Celebration, Lijiangstudio, Yunnan
Reconciliation and Grace Art Festival, Meta Hansens Culture House, Lillesand, Norway


Spanning Dimension – New Media Art Exhibition, 108 Think Tank Space, Kunming
Artists Roles/Artists Rules, Studio44, Stockholm, Sweden
On the Clouds – Wusan performance festival, Kunming


Situation and Concern, the Fifth Amity Chinese Christian Art Exhibition, Art Museum of Nanjing Arts University, Nanjing
VISIT 15, Konsthall Betel, Mariannelund, Sweden
2015 Wusan Youth Art Festival, 108 Think-tank Art Space, Kunming
One Volume Edition Project, 108 Think-tank Art Space, Kunming

BRIDGES II: An art project between Swedish and Chinese artists, Uppsala Museum,Bror Hjorths Museum, Sweden
Kunming Market Project, Kunming

THE BANYAN TREE – ART + ENCOUNTER, TCG Nordica Gallery, Kunming

“You Know, then” Video Installation Exhibition, Jinding 1919 art space, Kunming
“BRIDGES:An art project between Swedish and Chinese artists”, TCG Nordica, Kunming
“Red Heart” art exhibition, TCG Nordica, Kunming
“Off The Wall” art exhibition, Jinding 1919 art space, Kunming

“The First Chinese Art Community Cultural Festival”, Jinding1919 art space, Kunming
“Untuvasade (Down Rain) – Video performances”, Galleria Huuto Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland
“Changes and updates: The 4th Beijing Easter Art Exhibition”, Beijing International Church, ShPaint Thru gallery

FOLK08-Local Global, Mariannelund, Sweden
Chinese Contemporary Art–dentity and Transformation, Kalmar Castle, Sweden

Chinese Contemporary Art–dentity and Transformation,TCG Nordica/Kunming,Bohuslans Museum/ Sweden
The 3rd Guiyang Biennial,Guiyang Museum
Sweet and Sour, Vestfossen Art Center,Dong Xi Gallery, Norway

Jianghu 2006: Wrestle The Orange,ALAB art space in Kunming
Contagious Love,TCG Nordica,Kunming

Jianghu project, ALAB art space, Lijiang Studio, Kunming, Amsterdam
Inward Gazes: Documentaries of Chinese Performance Arts,Macao Art Museum

Look Then Speak,ALAB art space in Kunming
Anxiety and Preservation,TCG Nordica Gallery in Kunming
Touch and Experience,Hongta sports center in Kunming
Great Procession:Invitational Exhibition of Yunnan Nationality Museum

Blow up: Experimental art exhibition,ALAB art space in KunMing


2018, Kunming-Zurich partnership exchange project, Zurich, Switzerland
2016, NKF – Nordic Art Association, Stockholm, Sweden
2015, Konsthall Betel, Mariannelund, Sweden
2011, Mariannelund, Sweden, 17–25/July/2011
2008, “My Home Museum”, F518 Art Community, Shen Zhen


2019, International Residency as an Encounter State, Mo Art Space, Xinmi
2018, International Residency as an Encounter State, CGK Gallery, TCG Nordica, City College of Kunming University of Science and Technology.
2018, Art From Zurich Makes Me Want To Sleep, Helmhaus Zurich.
2016, Topic: Alternative Relationships-performance art in China, NKF Art Association, Stockholm, Sweden
2014, Use Art to Build Bridges, International Cooperation and Dialog, Yunnan Arts University
2012, artist talk, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden
2012, artist talk, Uppsala Museum, Sweden
2011, Lecture: The Soil for Culture, Cross-Cultural Exchange Forum, Cultural Industry Research Institute of Yunnan University
2007, artist talk, Gothenburg Book Fair, Sweden
2007, artist talk, Gothenburg University, Sweden
2004, artist talk, Yunnan Art Institute Library

Works in Collection:

Art Museum of Tsinghua University, Macao Art Museum, British National Library, Vestfossen Museum(Norway), Private collect