60 Minute Cites- Kunming

参与Bivouac Recording发起的“60分钟我的城市”实地录音项目,现在发行出来。城市收音是一件让人非常着迷的事情,许多熟悉的地方原来如此陌生。

New Release 60 Minute Cites- Kunming by artist and curator Luo Fei. Luo Fei captures an intimate portrait of Kunming documenting the people and locations that surround him but also that can deeply characterize the city. From the noisescapes in ‘Green Lake Park’ to the static-like waves of gentle Kunming rain hitting an umbrella outside a restaurant in ‘Tan Jun Alley’, all the documents are pleasantly candid and the descriptions detailed and thoughtful. I had been to Kunming many years ago for work but never really saw the city. I will have to head back out there again sometime. Welcome to Kunming!

“These recordings are mainly recorded in March and April of Kunming city, where birds can be heard everywhere, and occasionally there is a little rain / Kunming is called the eternal spring city, in the southwest of China, capital of Yunnan province / I have moved and lived here for nearly 20 years / I like the weather and culture here. Like living in any city, we go to school, go to work, go home, take the bus and subway, go to the edge of the city from time to time, enjoy nature / I like to wander around the city, look for places with texture and flavor of life, especially when it rains / These recordings recorded some moments and sounds of my daily life in this city / I usually hold recorder in my hand and walk through a place, or just stand, daze and listen //

新专辑 60分钟 – 昆明由艺术家和策展人罗菲录制。 罗菲捕捉到了一幅昆明的亲密肖像,记录了他周围的人和地点,同时也刻画出了这座城市的特征。 从“翠湖公园”的喧嚣景观到静谧的昆明的雨,“天君殿巷”餐厅外面落在伞上的雨滴声,所有录音听起来都让人愉快,描述细致周到。 我很多年前去过昆明工作但从未真正见过这座城市。 有机会我会再次回到那里。 欢迎来到昆明!

这些录音主要集中在昆明的三月四月,随处可以听见鸟叫声,偶尔有一些小雨 / 我移居到这座位于中国西南的被称为春城的城市近20年,我喜欢这里的天气和人文 / 和在任何城市生活一样,上学、上班、回家、搭乘公交和地铁,时不时去到城市边缘的地方,享受大自然 / 我喜欢在城市里闲逛,寻找有肌理感和生活气息的地方,特别是下雨的时候 / 这些录音记录了我个人日常生活在这座城市里遭遇的一些时刻,一些声音 / 我通常手握录音笔,穿过一个地方,或者只是站着,发呆,聆听 / 所有录音为双声道,建议在安静环境使用耳机收听 //”

Bivouac Recording(上海)是一个实地录音品牌,致力于在中国推进独立现场录音项目。这个“60分钟我的城市”是一个持续了多年的实地录音项目,目前已发表了来自全球不同城市的录音专辑。详见虾米或soundcloud上的Bivouac Recording​厂牌名下的作品。

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