Luo Fei, at Auschwitz, 2018, photo by Anders Gustaffson





Luo Fei: artist / writer / curator. He was born in Chongqing in 1982 and currently lives and works in Kunming. He graduated from Yunnan Arts University, majoring in painting (Bachelor) and Fine Arts Study (Master).
He was the project coordinator of “Jianghu” Project at Lijiang Studio Foundation and former artistic director of TCG Nordica Cultural Center in Kunming.

Since 2002, Luo Fei is mainly engaged in multi-media art creation, including but not limited to performance, installation, painting, field recording and so on. Luo Fei is active in local and international exchange projects, planning and participating in projects exhibited in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, the United States, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China.

Luo Fei mainly pays attention to the daily life situation and spiritual narrative in the context of global capitalism. He regards art as a series of action strategies to construct alternative relationships and daily life situations outside the framework of capitalism. Luo Fei excels at constructing temporary everyday life situations that are available for audience participation or contemplation in the form of service, ritual or play, in plain body language, at the intersection of politics, cultural practices and personal spiritual trajectories.

As a curator and writer, Luo Fei is committed to the development and promotion of contemporary art locally, building a bridge for the cooperation and dialogue of Chinese contemporary art in the global environment. His works and articles are mainly collected in “Volume I of the History of Chinese avant-garde Art thought: World Relations Aesthetics”, “Humanities Art”, “Art Time”, “Art Contemporary”, “Gallery” and other publications. His personal collection of Chinese and English bilingual essays, Starting From Art: Essays and Interviews on Chinese Contemporary Art, was published by Shanghai Joint Publishing House in 2014.