Luo Fei at Auschwitz, 2018

罗菲(b. 1982):艺术家、策展人、写作者,目前生活和工作在昆明。罗菲主要从事田野录音、行为表演等多媒体艺术实践,关注全球资本语境下的日常生活情境建构与个人心灵叙事,积极推动当代艺术的在地实践、对话与反思,自2003年以来策划和参与的项目在国际国内广泛展出。

Luo Fei: curator, artist, writer, live and work in Kunming, China. Luo Fei is mainly engaged in multimedia art practice such as field recording and performance art, he pays attention to the situational construction of daily life and personal spiritual narration in the context of global capitalism, and actively promotes the local practice, dialogue and reflection of contemporary art. Luo Fei’s curatorial projects have been widely exhibited at home and abroad since 2003.












101华氏度,瑞典斯德哥尔摩, 2020/5


Interiorities第7/8/9期, 英国声音电台

Recent projects:

“Let There Be Books”, Yunnan University Library, 2021

“Echo: Greetings from Nature and Urban Space—An Overture”, MoCA Pavilion, Shanghai, 2021/4

“Performance at Distance / An online Project – Discursive Arena”, 2021/2

“Living in 2020” Interview, 2020/12-

Zhang Hua’s Backyard, Elephant Bookstore, 2020/12/31–2021/1/31

KISSFEST II, Wheat field Bookstore,2020/12/5

A Room With Memory: Lei Yan and Lu Lirong’s Works, Wu Art Space, 2020/11/21–12/20

The Third KISS WALK, Kunming, 2020/10/23

Kunming record released by Flaming Pines, 2020/9

“Urban Literature in Process”, Heifei Contemporary Art Gallery, Heifei, 2020/9

101 Fahrenheit, Stockholm, 2020/5

“2020 Window Archives”, Art Museum of Tsinghua University, Beijing

Interiorities issue 7/8/9, Sound radio based in Britain


Field Imagination:


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