The Western Wall In Mariannelund




关于我进驻期间的纪录片:优酷) (@Youtube)


The Western Wall In Mariannelund

I was invited by ArtsNordica to go to Mariannelund Sweden, as an residence artist, I stayed there from 17th to 25th of July in 2011.
I worked for a 6 square meters room, that house was a abandoned laundry belongs to Mariannelund railway station before, it was burned inside, the wood wall became dark charcoal pieces.
Between the woods, there were spindly spaces, I squeezed in some spitballs, which were written down some prayers from, those prayers were mainly about Oslo serial attacks(22/7/2011). And also people’s secrets.
This space will be open in the middle of September, visitors can go inside, write down their secrets or prayers on paper, and squeeze into the wall.

Here is a short film about my stay in Mariannelund (film by Wang Yang):
links:优酷) (@Youtube)