Internet Work: The Vocabulary of Heaven











The Vocabulary of Heaven
Internet art, 2010

I collect the words about Heaven from different people’s imaginations through Internet, then make a Vocabulary about Heaven on a web page(, I add hyperlink on each word, it connects to some blogs, web sites, pictures, videos, news, Encyclopedic Knowledges and advertisements. This is a continually collection work, I will add more when I collect more, if you have any words on Heaven, please send to me, Thanks!

About the Vocabulary of Heaven

Among the languages of human being, I believe there are some words of the meanings so simple and profound that everyone can understand them. There are somehow a vague or clear outline in our heart for the things or pictures pointed by one particular word. There is never anything we know nothing about it, and “Heaven” is one of them.

Among the words used that are related to the heaven, some are playful, some entertaining, some intellectual, some have gone through precise calculation, some randomly chosen, some scoffing, some with macro imagination, and some with subtle emotions. They could be commercial, or could even be totally misinterpreting.

Many minutiae and trivial for the heaven fantasy could be brought about to us by these information, which also contains the hope and misunderstanding, apprehension and apathy, trust and doubt, love and hatred that people have for the kingdom far off.

I introduce my project to audience on the Bridges exhibition. Oct, 2010

Visitors are playing and checking my works at TCG Nordica Gallery.

Visitors are playing and checking my works at TCG Nordica Gallery.