Walking On The Road / In Cammino

步行在路上: 罗菲个展

Artist: Luo Fei
Curator: Monica Dematté
Mo Art Space, Xinmi
2019/05/11 – 2019/08/12

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Bivouac Recording‘s New Release 60 Minute Cites- Kunming by artist and curator Luo Fei. Luo Fei captures an intimate portrait of Kunming documenting the people and locations that surround him but also that can deeply characterize the city. From the noisescapes in ‘Green Lake Park’ to the static-like waves of gentle Kunming rain hitting an umbrella outside a restaurant in ‘Tan Jun Alley’, all the documents are pleasantly candid and the descriptions detailed and thoughtful. I had been to Kunming many years ago for work but never really saw the city. I will have to head back out there again sometime. Welcome to Kunming!

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Artist in Residence in Zurich

Luo Fei was invited to be the residence artist in Zurich, Switzerland, from May to Aug, 2018.
During his stay in Zurich, he stayed at F+F art and design school of Zurich, encountered with the art scene of Switzerland, he also did some curatorial researches and dialog through visiting spaces, activities, interviews(with Andreas Marti & Adrian Notz) and dialog with curator Daniel Morgenthaler at Helmhaus. Beside all these, he participated a live radio event at Friesenbergplatz Zurich and an informal performance event arranged by Tanja Kalt. Other performance artists were: Monica Germann, Daniel Lorenzi, Martin Chramosta and San Keller.

Helmhaus Zurich art museum (on the right)
Art Exhibition at Helmhaus Zurich “Werk- und Atelierstipendien für Kunst 2018”
Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich
Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich

During his residence in Zurich, Luo Fei has been visited Auschwitz in Poland, Norway and Sweden. He did some artist talks, performances and guided an exhibition in Simrishman of Sweden.



2018年3月17日至4月15日 云隐·西山国际艺术交流中心艾维美术馆


联合策展:刘菁、Novikova Anna
参展艺术家:白雪娟、陈玲洁、陈群杰、程新皓、高翔、郭棚、和丽斌、和小荃、黄成春、黄德基、解炫、雷燕、黎之阳、李季、刘丽芬、毛旭辉、苏家寿、苏家喜、苏捷、孙国娟、唐志冈、陶锦、王蓓、王雷鸣、王月、王钰清、尤佳、宰鹏飞、翟砚军、张琼飞、张永正、赵磊明、郑宏昌、资佰、艾维艺术小组、Babkova Mari (俄罗斯)、Civade Jean-Pierre(法国) 、Cyril Chermin(荷兰) 、Kasey Selma Sturley McQueen(美国)、Ignatiy Kormiltsev(俄罗斯)、Matti Dubee (加拿大)、Vera Regina van de Nieuwenhof(荷兰) 诗人:谷禾、横、孙文波、唐果、张翔武、邹昆凌 开幕行为表演:Efat Razowana Reya(孟加拉)、和丽斌、杨辉、黎之阳、陈嘉雯、尤佳、年进军
主 办:艾维美术馆、艾维闪电自行车
协 办:SCIW-CLUB(春城国际葡萄酒俱乐部)、摩登天空、创维集团云南分公司、GoKunming

HUMAN DRIVEN – An Encounter Between Artistic Expression and Cycling

“Human driven: – an encounter between artistic expression and cycling” is an opportunity to look at bicycles not as a part of routine but as on art inspiration. We tried to show some art that is related to spirit and memories connected with bicycles, an art which is created by “human power” – the kind of driving force that strives to integrate into the vast, bigger than one self’s world. “Human driven” is not only the bicycle movement principle, but also an internal aesthetic quality. Here, artists let their hands and even their whole bodies to fully participate in the creative expression.

March 17 – April 15, 2018 IWE Art Museum, Western Hills of Kunming Curator: Luo Fei Co-curators: Liu Jing, Novikova Anna Some links: 艾维美术馆展讯Exhibition Press in English 策展人罗菲访谈“生活在别处,生活在当下” (Interview with curator Luo Fei) “云南当代艺术中的策展实践”公开课 (Public Curatorial Workshop)


Not Yet Complete — One Volume Artist Book Project 2017

2018年1月27日–2月3日 昆明苔画廊 策展人:罗菲 Curator: Luo Fei Jan 27 – Feb 3, 2018 Tai Project Gallery in Kunming

“合订本2017”除了出版《尚未完成——合订本2017》艺术家书籍,还包括一个在昆明苔画廊举办的实体展览。我们收到总共110位艺术家和不同行业的人们的作品,他们除了来自云南,还有北京、河南、广西、福建、四川以及挪威、美国、日本、孟加拉等国家和地区的艺术家。他们中有家庭主妇、儿童、青年艺术家也有许多杰出的艺术界大咖,每个人都有一件或者无数件尚未完成的“作品”,正如艺术家李季所言:“人生的太多事情其实永远也无法完成,而且也不需要去完成⋯⋯”策展人罗菲这样解释此次策展理念:“‘尚未完成’源于对乌托邦的怀疑,对虚无的怀疑,对普遍有效的怀疑……在没有完成的人生旅程中,每个人都充满可能性,每一刻都可能被重塑,做这个展览,就是为了把某个时刻留给未来……” The “One Volume Artist Book 2017” includes publishing “Not Yet Complete —One Volume Artist Book of 2017” and holding an entity exhibition in Tai Project, Kunming. We have received 110 artworks in total from artists and people from different industries. They come from not only Yunnan province, but also other provinces of China such as Beijing, Henan, Guangxi, Fujian, Sichuan and other countries like Norway, America, Japan, and Bengal. Some of them are housewives, children, young artists as well as eximious proficient in art circles and each of them has at least one “artwork” which is not yet complete. As Li Ji, an artist, says, “Most things in our lives can never be completed, and not necessary …” Luo Fei, the curator, has an explanation on the idea of this exhibition, “’Not yet complete’ leads one to doubt utopia, nihilism, and the validity of universalism … In the long and not-yet-complete journey of life, everyone has infinite possibilities. And of course, everyone can be depressed because of ‘not yet complete’… However, as mankind, we have begun but are not complete. Every moment of present may be remodeled.”

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策展人:罗菲、王蓓 昆明TCG诺地卡画廊 2017年11月4日——11月26日



时间:2015年2月11日下午 地点:昆明金鼎山北路苔画廊



Artist in Residence, Lijiang, July 2017

Artists Roles/Artists Rules II

China/Sweden Art Exchange Project (Station Kunming) Artists Roles / Artists Rules is an exhibition on the artist’s mission, responsibility, duty and position in society- sometimes enforced, sometimes self-imposed. Each artist has worked individually from a personal standpoint on an individual basis as well as with the vision of how things ideally could be. The origins of the project is the desire to explore and discuss the differences as well as the similarities in working conditions for artists in China and Sweden. Host by: TCG Nordica In cooperate with Studio 44 (Stockholm), City College of Kunming University of Science and Technology 2017年9月9日——2017年10月8日 相关详情 Read more……

Reconciliation and Grace – Norway, April 2017

Chinese artists Luo Fei, Zhu Jiuyang, Su Yabi were invited by curator Barbro Raen Thomassen and Lillesand Art Society to Lillesand for “Reconciliation and Grace” Art Festival in Norway, the activity started from April 1st 2017, closed on the Easter Day, 16th. During the activity, Luo Fei has given two performances, both the opening day and closing day, also a lecture on Chinese contemporary art related with the theme on 5th. The project is part of TCG Nordica’s culture exchange in 2017. 相关详情 Read more……

Lei Yan’s Exhibition: The Hallowed Object – Beijing, Sep 2016

As academia support for Lei Yan’s exhibition at ING Art Space in Cao Chang Di, Beijing. Sep 24–Oct 12, 2016 Read essay on Luo Fei’s Blog (in Chinese) 雷燕《圣物》2016

Artists Roles/Artists Rules – Sweden, Aug 2016

artists-rules-poster-web 10a 19 August – 11 September, 2016, Stockholm Supported by: NKF, The Nordic Art Association, Sweden TCG Nordica, Kunming, Kina KAiM, Kulturakademien i Mariannelund Artists: Lei Yan, Luo Fei, Xue Tao, Zi Bai Madeleine Aleman, Jannike Brantås, Rikard Fåhraeus, Ylva Landoff Lindberg Opening reception: 17:00—22:00, 19 August, 2016 Artist Talk: 18:00, 19 August, 2016 Address: Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm, Sweden Opening hours: Thu – Fri 12am–6pm, Sat – Sun 12am—5pm

Australian Road Trip, Aug 2015

australia-Aboriginal-Art01 learning-about-country-with-from-right-peggy-griffiths-her-grand-daughter-kelly-great-grandson-ace-and-nawoola-at-keep-river-national-park 2015/8/6–20, Australia A group of young Chinese Curators (Fan Lin, Liu Lifen, Luo Fei & Huang Yun He) will be traveling to the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair and then taking a 1,800 road trip across the Top End of Australia visiting remote Indigenous communities & learning about Australia 1st Nation art and culture – supported by the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT)! Read more about the report from curator Catherine Croll :

VISIT 15 – Sweden, May 2015

visit15-01 visit15-03 2015/5/7–31, Luo Fei is invited as “artist in residence” to go to Mariannelund Sweden, attend VISIT 15. Artists from China, Sweden, Norway and England create sites specific installations in a forest, an 18th century village, at a train station from 1874 and a church turned exhibition-hall. New meets old. Chinese contemporary art meets its Swedish counterpart. Traditional weaving and ceramics from Småland meets modern design. Contemporary art is placed amongst the tourist attractions in the homeland of Astrid Lindgren. Presentation of the film project Happiness and screening of the film Happinnes, A Five Year Plan.

Wusan Performance Art Festival – Yunnan, April 2015

luofei02 2015/4/28–5/3, Participating Wusan Performance Art Festival as performance artist in Yunnan.

Multiple Adaptations – Kunming, April 2015

2015/4/24–26, Organizing and curating“Multiple Adaptations” Chinese-Netherlands Art and Poetry Exchange Project at TCG Nordica. The project consists of an art exhibition based on poetry and accompanied by poetry readings. The participants are six Chinese artists working with the TCG Nordica, a Kunming art center with strong ties to Scandinavia and six Amsterdam artist/printmakers from the Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (AGA).

Opening from Multiple Adaptations at TCG Nordica, Kunming
Opening from Multiple Adaptations at TCG Nordica, Kunming
Multiple Adaptations at TCG Nordica, Kunming
Multiple Adaptations at TCG Nordica, Kunming
Chinese Poet Yu Jian is reading his poems on the Multiple Adaptations opening at TCG Nordica, Kunming
Chinese Poet Yu Jian is reading his poems on the Multiple Adaptations opening at TCG Nordica, Kunming