Express an A4 Paper



有谁需要一张A4的白纸吗? 我可以快递给ta 。有需要的可以回复。发私信给我姓名、地址和电话。唯独一张,寄给第一个回复的。

7月29日 22:53







Express an A4 Paper

In the night of July 29, 2012, I suddenly had an idea, I want to express an ordinary sheet of A4 white paper to someone. Then I posted on weibo:

Do anybody need a sheet of A4 white paper? I can express to you. Please response if you need, send me your name, address, and telephone number through private letter. Only one paper, I express to the first one comment on this.

22:53, July 29.

I updated this message both on Sina Weibo and Tengxun Weibo, some netizens responsed very quickly. In the end, I expressed this paper to Jiang Heng who is living in Shanghai.

August 5, Jia Heng received this sheet of A4 white paper, he posted a photo together with the paper, and it seems there were some creases.

August 10, 02:46, Jia Heng updated on weibo:

The paper I received from Luo Fei, I used for scheme, thinking about lights, camera locations etc……I guess 99% person have no idea what is this, but this is my one day job logging, I was filming a rubbish advertisement! Sure, this is income of my life which is prerequisite. It guaranteed me a comfortable life in Shanghai.

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