The Blind Spot




The blind spot
Performer: LuoFei
September 28 2009, 8:30 PM, about 15 minutes
TCG Nordica gallery, Kunming

An A4 size paper covered my face, I used my tongue to bear against the paper, walked to the ladder, and tried to climb to the top of the ladder. In the process, the paper slipped few times, I picked up on the tongue to continue.
I brought the paper to the top ladder, under the spotlight, then the paper slipped again, I stared the strong spotlight about 2 minutes until my eyes and skin were unbearable, because of the strong light, my eyes almost in dark when I climbed down. After that, I wrote the Chinese calligraphy “light”(光) on that paper several times, until the white paper became all black.

Updated on April 27, 2017