Luo Fei: a multimedia artist and curator born in 1982 in Chongqing China, currently he lives and works in Kunming.
Luo Fei has been a former project coordinator of Lijiang Studio Foundation and gallery director of TCG Nordica Cultural Center in Kunming, he has been engaged in numerous curatorial projects and cross-cultural exchanges projects. Luo Fei also writes art reviews and interviews with artists and publishes them on various media platforms. His practice and writing are usually concerned with everyday life practice and spiritual narration in contemporary art.
Luo Fei’s works and articles are included in Volume one of Idea History of Chinese Avant-garde Art: World Relational Aesthetics, Humanism Art, Art Time, Art Contemporary, Gallery and so on. His book “To Start from Art: Essays and Interviews on Chinese Contemporary Art ” was published by Shanghai Joint Publishing House in 2014.